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MCCDC: Towards Breathing

My mother was not overly protective. Nevertheless, when I was a child she gave me a few instructions for my safety, such as look both ways before crossing the street. As a white child growing up in the small town of Denair, California, I was free to walk to and from school, the little markets on Main Street, just about anywhere, and feel safe.

What was true for me as a white child has never been true in our country for black children, especially young black men.

Jonathan Capehart, writing in the Washington Post, received very different instructions from his mother. He notes that his mother told him “not to run in public, lest I arouse undue suspicion. How I most definitely should not run with anything in my hands, lest anyone think I stole something. The lesson included not talking back to the police, lest you give them a reason to take you to jail, or worse.”

Too many times the worst has happened. The worst happened to George Floyd when he faced public torture and murder on May 25 in Minneapolis. On March 13 in Louisville, Breonna Taylor was awakened from sleep to a deadly spray of bullets from police who busted in to her home on a senseless no-knock warrant. On February 23 Ahmed Arbery was killed while jogging near Brunswick, Georgia. Death via white supremacy is not new. The names Oscar Grant III, Trayvon Martin, Michael Brown, Eric Garner, Tamir Rice, and Rumain Brisbon trigger racing thoughts and emotions. Yet the emotions and the conversation cannot be pushed down. The violence of racism cannot be ignored. It is systemic and it runs deep. Racism remains protected and perpetrated by white privilege.

I’m reminded of the prayer cries of ancient forbears who facing the systemic injustice of Empire called out: “How long, O Lord?”

Indeed, the protest prayer: “I can’t breathe” is a haunting reminder of the countless black men whose breath was cut off by the lynching rope. May 25, 2020 in Minneapolis is not far removed from August 28, 1955 in Money, Mississippi when 14-year-old Emmett Till was brutally tortured and murdered.

Thoughts and prayers are the call of the moment, yet not enough. We also need action. Keisha Lance Bottoms, the mayor of Atlanta writes in the New York Times: “During the Civil Rights Movement we saw people of all races and all walks of life coming together to say: ‘This is not right and we are going to stand up for the goodness of America.’ That same spirit must rise and prevail today…I cannot guarantee that I will pass freedom down to my children, but I can and will continue to fight for it and teach them how to fight for it every single day. One of the best ways that we can fight for it is by fighting to ensure that our governing bodies are led by people who value the freedom, equality and humanity of all people. Now, more than ever, elections matter; leadership matters. That’s why November 2020 matters.” To vote is one action each of us can take.

This Sunday, the scripture for the message from our MCC Moderator Rev. Elder Cecilia Eggleston is from John 21: 15-19; 25. This scripture is a clear call to do God’s reconciling work during these difficult days. She says, “Embrace the power of the Holy Spirt so we are ready for that next great rush of movement where we are out and proud in ways that every single person in the world can hear that they are loved.”

By Faith,
Rev. Elder Dwayne Johnson

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Cough, fever, and shortness of breath, are the three symptoms together that raise the concern for coronavirus,
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Prayer Corner

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