Trustees of the Buchanan Memorial Building Fund

Trustees of the Buchanan Memorial Building Fund
The Buchanan Memorial Fund was established to provide dedicated financial support for the church’s capital needs. The Trustees of the fund are responsible for all matters pertaining to the maintenance and usage of our properties and structures. They also are responsible for, in conjunction with the Board of Directors, any efforts to acquire or dispose of church real property. Like the Board of Directors, the Trustees are also members in good standing of MCCDC. The Board of Trustees consists of between 5 and 7 members at any given time. Board Officers include Chair, Vice-Chair, and Secretary. The MCCDC Board of Directors appoints the Chair and the Trustees elect their own Vice-Chair and Secretary.

The 2015 Trustees include:

  • Scott Frazier, Chair
  • Cecilia Hayden-Smith
  • Denise Wright