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“If we don’t change, we don’t grow. If we don’t grow, we aren’t really living.” ~Gail Sheehy

Last night at MCCDC Bible Study, Elaine Durden-Hunter facilitated a powerful Bible Study. The topic of change came up: how changing our lives for good is difficult, often requiring more patience than we think we have. Yet when we commit ourselves to learning and growth the positive change will come, though perhaps so subtly we can’t see it ourselves. The session took a hopeful turn as people spoke to the change they saw in others. Sometimes we need the voice of another to see the change in us that we cannot see ourselves.

Change can be frustrating. In our Scripture from Luke 9:28-43 for this Sunday,
Jesus becomes frustrated with the lack of change he sees in his disciples, even though he has been intimately mentoring them. Jesus said, “What a generation! No sense of God! No focus to your lives! How much longer do I have to put up with this?” (Luke 9: 41, The Message). Then, after venting, Jesus heals with the transformative power of love. Jesus shows them the way, and “They all shook their heads in wonder, astonished at God’s greatness” (Luke 9:43, The Message).

The message this Sunday will offer encouragement to stay focused on our journeys of positive change: “Since God has so generously let us in on what God is doing, we’re not about to throw up our hands and walk off the job just because we run into occasional hard times” (2 Corinthians 4:1, The Message).

When it comes to positive change in our lives the only failure is giving up. So to help commit and recommit to change I will share four ways that God works to bring positive change to our lives. This practical message is one you’ll be able to apply to your daily lives immediately.

See you Sunday at 9AM and 11AM

By Faith, Rev. Elder Dwayne

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Rev. Elder Dwayne invites you to a retreat for a conversation that includes this question:

“What is the new thing God is doing at MCCDC?”

How we answer that question is one move towards our growth and transformation as a congregation.

When: Saturday, March 2, 2019
Time: 9:30AM to 2PM
Where: MCCDC
RSVP or Questions:

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Older Adult Ministry Potluck/Meeting, 03 March, 12:30 pm

Older Adult Ministry will be holding their monthly Potluck. All age 50 and above are welcome to join. For more information contact Dale Madyun-Baskerville at the church office 202-638-7373

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Lenten Prayer for the Easter Season! Noon, 6 March

Meeting in the small conference room or call in conference Number: 1-857-232-0476, Pass-code#976702

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Ash Wednesday Service!

Please join us on Wed March 6th for an Ash Wed Service at 7 PM.

Our Lenten Theme is “Mind Your Purpose”. Come to explore and reflect on the start of this sacred season

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Security Awareness Training, March 23, 10am to 12 pm

The Metropolitan Police Department will be conducting security awareness training to assist everyone in being more alert before, during, and after worship service?

This training will cover how to create a safer house of worship. Topics include:
Safety Team and Building Security
Responses to Active Violence
Crime Reporting
Emergency Preparedness
This training is OPEN to ALL!!!!
For questions or more information contact please contact Dale Madyun-Baskerville or Rev. Cathy Alexander at or 202-638-737

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The MCCDC Drama Ministry Presents: The Maker of Zoe

In the heart of Washington DC, Avery, an outwardly confident and whimsical toy designer, finds true meaning and purpose, after a supernatural encounter with an angelic messenger. Avery is transported to the Land of Zoe and embarks on a journey filled with mystery and wonder. This moving and suspenseful tale will delight and intrigue audiences, as it unfolds the truth of The Maker’s Love for all and looks at the common misconceptions of Scripture concerning homosexuality.
You will be moved by this inspirational and entertaining performance, enjoy a delicious Italian Dinner served right to your table, and help support God’s message of love for all people

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Community Healthy Yoga Classes” Mondays,Time: Class is 7 to 8 pm (doors open at 6:45 pm)

We are pleased to offer Free Yoga Classes at MCCDC. These classes are inclusive for people of all ages and flexibility. Everyone is welcome! This is a yoga level I class where we offer meditative movement with physical, mental and spiritual benefits.
In our sessions, you find a safe and supportive environment in which to practice and start to roll with life’s journey, rather than feeling overwhelmed or at the mercy of one’s emotions. It’s our honor to be a part of this process and to get to introduce beginners to yoga regularly.

Gentle Yoga – For people that want to explore a gentle yoga, we will use props during the class such as chairs, blocks, blankets. This yoga is for everyone that is interested in stretching and enjoying the benefits of mindful meditation. We will practice some warms ups, gently yoga positions, and end the class with a nice meditative Savasana.

Yoga Level 1 – 1.5 – This is for people with previous yoga experience, in this class we will practice warm ups, Sun salutations/ Surya Namaskar, Warrior Series, balancing poses, back bends, etc and a meditative savasana.

We promise you will not feel out of place in this class. We will help you get started. Mats, blocks, etc. are provided. If you have your own, you are welcome to bring them.

Pre-registration is strongly encouraged. Registration forms are available in the Welcome Hall. If you have any questions, feel free to call Veronica or Lorena at (703) 622-1996 or via email at or


Veronica and Lorena Sabogal

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Writing Workshop Planned during Lent

Rev. Dr Robin Gorsline
We have two writing opportunities in February and March at MCCDC. Rev. Dr. Robin Hawley Gorsline, our Writer-Theologian in Residence, who is facilitating both, asks each of us to consider participating.

The first is our Lenten Devotionals. These can be in written form or as video recordings. Our theme at MCCDC for Lent is “Mind Your Purpose.” [Not mind your manners, though it can be good thing to do-but mind your purpose.]

Ash Wednesday is on March 6, so there is less than one month to go to the beginning of Lent. Please consider submitting something to Rev. Robin by March 1 if at all possible, but let me know if you are planning to submit something later. There are 40 days in Lent, ending on April 14.

The second opportunity is during Lent, a Spiritual Writing Workshop on Saturday, March 24, 2:30-5 pm. Based on a suggestion Rev. Robin received from a member, as well as thinking about Lent, he has chosen the theme for the workshop to be “Forgiveness.”

In 12-Step programs, participants are urged to make “searching and fearless inventory” of themselves, and it is stressed that that includes not only all the stuff you have done wrong, but also all the good stuff about you, too. For me, forgiveness is like that in a way: there are others I need to forgive and I also need to forgive myself.

If you have questions, please contact Rev. Dr. Robin Gorsline at (240) 565-3441 or or Or

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How to Communicate in the Modern World–Hands-On Workshop

Sat, March 9, 2019
10:00 AM – 2:00 PM EST
Cost: $89.00

Location: The DC Center for the LGBT Community
2000 14th Street Northwest,#105
Washington, DC 20009

This workshop is brought to us by MCCDC member Less Henderson. MCCDCers will receive a $25 discount by entering the code MCCDC at checkout. The workshop includes these topics:

-How to mine your life for stories and anecdotes that can help you achieve your goals.
-A comprehensive explanation of media tools, both old and new.
-A comprehensive marketing plan.
– A new coach/mentor and mastermind group.

Click here to see the Workshop Website

Click Here to Purchase tickets from Eventbrite for Workshop

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Room At The Table For All

Neither God nor Jesus ever said same-gender loving people or LGBTQIA people weren’t welcome at the table–or in God’s house. Manipulated theology and what United Methodist theologian Theodore W. Jennings, Jr. calls the homophobic hermeneutic has led to pain, grief, destruction, death of queer people.

Rev. Elder Troy Perry answered a call to create a haven for queer children of God–Metropolitan Community Churches. As we enjoy being in this safe space, I’m particularly touched by what our United Methodist siblings are enduring. A special session of the United Methodist’s General Conference has been dedicated to strengthening bans on same-sex marriage and queer clergy.

Some delegates seek to reject them. But, United Methodist General Secretary Susan Henry-Crowe stands with them.

“The United Methodist Church’s special General Conference failed to love LGBTQIA people, recognize their gifts in the church, maintain our unity in the midst of diversity, and live out our Gospel mandate to seek justice and pursue peace,” Henry-Crowe said in a statement.

Seeing them in pain, via Facebook videos, leaves me filled with sadness. Let us lift up prayers of peace and strength for them. May those prayers help sustain them in these painful moments. May they remember no matter what people say, they remain fabulous creations of God.

Rev. Jason Carson Wilson
Minister of Liberation Formation

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MCC General Conference Registration is open. REGISTER NOW by clicking onthe link below.

Please click here to check out this amazing conference and celebration.

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Stay current on our video postings .

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Inspiration Videos, Metropolitan Community Church of Washington DC

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“Ministry Spotlight”

Bible in 90 Days: In person/call in/livestream meets Thursday nights at 7 pm Call In Number is: 641-715-0632, Conference Code 190766 .

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The Soundboard Ministry Needs YOU!!!

Soundboard volunteers are needed for 9am and 11am services. No experience needed. You will be trained on a state of the art soundboard, setting mics up for service and learning the technical side of handling the sound board. We would like to have you train at the 9am service and continue training at the 11am service but if your prefer to train only at one service you can.
Please contact me Michael Cunningham at or stop by to talk with any soundboard volunteer.

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The Hospitality Ministry Needs Your Help!

If you have hospitality items that you would be willing to bring in and support Sunday hospitality, please contact the church office at or 202-638-7373.. Items for consideration are:

Items that are needed:

White Paper Towel Rolls
Large Cans of Regular Coffee
Large Cans of Decaffeinate Coffee
Box of Coffee Straws
Fresh Apples
Fresh Oranges
Granola Bars

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MCCDC Bible Study

A time of community, fun, learning, and sharing!

Tuesdays, from 7:00 – 8:00 PM in the Welcome Hall

For more information please contact Dale Madyun-Baskerville at the or call (202) 638-737.

Click Here to See MCCDC Bible Study Schedule 2019

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Prayer Corner

Please continue to hold in your prayers Keith Richardson and Fannie Woody who are in Nursing Homes

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Join our Worship and Arts Ministry!

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Ministry Meeting Time Contact E-mail
9 AM Choir
8:15 AM
Daniel Scearce
11 AM Choir
7:00 PM
Diedre Mouton Gray
Dance Every other Tuesday
5:00 – 6:45 PM
Cathy Batson
Drama Mondays
6:30 PM
Jules Christian
Eclectic Praise Sundays
12:30 PM
Johanna Hardy