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“Power is neutral, but the use of power is not. That which furnishes the heart with meaning determines how we will use the power that is ours.” ~R.S. James

Our Peace Pole stands solid at the corner of Fifth and Ridge NW. It is small in comparison to other structures in our neighborhood. Yet its quiet presence, conveying love and peace in multiple languages, holds its own, even more. Our neighborhood is busy, with hundreds passing by. Many barely notice it. However, I received an email from one of our neighbors expressing gratitude. They said they always pause for a moment each day at our Peace Pole. Our Peace Pole is one of the small ways that MCCDC is a gift to our neighbors. It may not be impressive. Yet it is meaningful. And it endures. Through seasons, sirens, and shouts it symbolizes the heart of our mission.

In the realm of Borderfree Spirit what seems impressive may be limited and what seems small may be unlimited. That’s what going on in our text for Sunday from Mark 13:1-8. One of the disciples is impressed by the Temple and says to Jesus, “Rabbi look at that stonework! Those buildings!” Jesus replied: “You’re impressed by this grandiose architecture? There’s not a stone in the whole works that is not going to end up in heap of rubble.” As in many places in the gospels, Jesus points beyond the appearances of power.

The Temple in Jerusalem in all its glory indeed fell as Jesus predicted. Yet the eternal temple, the eternal place enthroned in our souls, holds the center of spiritual power to carry us through this life. When we choose to live from the soul place, we are living in freedom. Life will always bring trouble. At times it may seem like everything around is falling down. Yet our center of spiritual power endures.

As we live with spiritual power, we become living temples. Our power to bring peace and love into the world may never create an impressive headline, yet this power is the embodiment of transformation. Join us for Borderfree Worship this Sunday at 9:00 and 11:00 a.m. ET, in person or virtually. In worship we touch the power of God and share that touch with others. Let us use our power for peace.

Grace & Peace,

Rev. Elder Dwayne Johnson

MCCDC - The Place To Be

Happy Veteran Day!

We give thanks for veterans past and present, offering praise for their loyalty, time, bravery and sacrifice. God bless the heroes who answered the call and served their country. We’re forever grateful.

MCCDC - The Place To Be

Older Adult Ministry, 14 November 2021 @ 1 P

Older Adult Ministry will be holding it monthly meeting via Zoom.

This month topic is AARP Presentation-Fraud calls and internet fraud- 14 November 2021 @ 1 P

Guest Speakers for this.Emily Pickren Associate State Director, Communications and Chris Coady formerly worked for the Michigan Attorney General’s office .
Click here to open Zoom and join automatically
· Launch Zoom and enter Meeting ID 824 9552 3942
· Dial (301) 715-8592 by phone, using the same Meeting ID

Contact Dale L. Madyun-Baskerville at

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Congregational Meeting

Join us On November 21st, we’ll hold our Congregational Meeting and ask members to approve the 2022 budget and elect new board reps.

Here are four ways to participate:
• Email and let us know that you plan to attend the forum in person at 474 Ridge St NW
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• Launch Zoom and enter Meeting ID 871 3152 2793
• Dial (301) 715-8592 by phone, using the same Meeting ID

MCCDC - The Place To Be

Writers’ Ministry

MCCDC’s Writers’ Ministry will gather next on Wednesday, November 17th, at 7:00 p.m. ET. Whether you are an experienced writer or want to begin writing, or do more, please consider joining and contact Rev. Dr. Robin Hawley Gorsline, Writer-Theologian in Residence, at

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Membership Class

If you are interested in learning more about becoming a member of MCCDC, a membership class will be offered on Sunday December 12th from 12:30 pm ET to 2 pm ET. Please contact Rev Dwayne ( or Rev Cathy ( if you would like to attend or have questions.

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C19 Booster Shots

COVID-19 vaccine booster shots are now available for anyone age 65+ who received the Pfizer vaccine more than six months ago. Most pharmacies offer walk-in service. (Guidance for Moderna and J&J recipients is forthcoming from the CDC.)

Booster shots are authorized for people 18-64 with underlying medical conditions including asthma, diabetes, obesity; people 18-64 who work in high-risk settings including healthcare, schools and grocery stores. Additional doses are also recommended for immunocompromised individuals.

Find your vaccine card or access your vaccine record by visiting (DC), (Maryland), (Virginia); call your healthcare provider to discuss your options for a booster, or visit to find a location near you.

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Prayer Corner

Please lift the following people up during your prayer time:

Bob Jones & Bob Jones’ son Chuck & wife Karen • Jerry Giem & Jerry Giem’s son, Jason and nephew, Travis • Valeria Myers’ daughter Chantelle & son Donald• Michelle Lax • George Kerr, III • Dr. Veronica Franklin • Celecila Hayden-Smith and Esther Smith health. Rose Williams continue healing• Randy Punley • Lynn Sulyma • •Marcus Garnett • Renee Valentine & Renee Valentine’s brother • Arden Shutt • Delores Fowler • Evelyn Jones • Steve Sloane • Glenn Conrad • Anthony Goode • Jeffrey Luckenbach • Cathy Batson’s niece Lisa • Kim Battle • ABilly Jones-Hennin • Bill Campbell • Mark Kelly • Joshua Benkins’ prayers for health of Father Isaac David Benkins • Elaine Durden-Hunter asks for prayers of healing for her dog, Angel • Elaine Durden-Hunter’s mother, Earline T. Green, Angela Terrell

MCCDC - The Place To Be

“Church Ministries & Events”

MCCDC - The Place To Be

Virtual Choir

Come and join the Virtual Voices of MCC Choir! Lift your voice in our virtual rehearsals while singing from the comfort of your home. For more info, email Music Minister Deidre Mouton Gray at

Spiritual Gifts, Get Involved!

Your’re invited to consider sharing your spiritual gifts by making a Scripture Reading Video or sharing a Video Testimony on what MCCDC means to you.

It does not have to be long and the AV team is standing by to help you with the video. Please email me at for more information.

Moving Spirit Dance Ministry

Come dance for God! No experience needed. Email Cathy Batson at for more information. Check out past performances on our YouTube channel, including “I Can Only Imagine” (April 2019) and “Mighty River”(February 2018).

Singing to God

Join the Virtual Voices of the MCC Choir. Lift your voice in our virtual rehearsals while singing from the comfort of your home. Email Music Minister Diedre Gray at


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Meeting ID: 7078722334

Intercessory Prayer Team
Meets the 2nd and 4th Thursdays each month at 7 pm
Contact LaMar Jenkins at 202-750-08887

Bible Study Tuesdays at 7:00 pm Eastern

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or Dial: (301) 715-8592 ,Meeting ID: 434 566 329
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Pastoral Care Meeting
Meet 1st and 3rd Wednesday, each month at 6::30pm
Contact for more information or interest in joining this vibrant church ministry this Fall

Writer’s Ministry
The MCCDC Writers’ Ministry mission is to offer to our church and the world more reflections and devotionals throughout the year. If you’d like to join this project, now or in the future, please contact Rev. Dr. Robin Hawley Gorsline, Writer-Theologian in Residence, at

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