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(This picture is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 2.0 Generic license.)

(This picture is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 2.0 Generic license.)

“To a person, we were traumatized. We had survived the war, but now we had to remember how to live. Peace isn’t a moment—it’s a very long process.” ~Leymah Gbowee, from Mighty Be Our Powers, p. 168.

2011 Nobel Peace Prize winner Leymah Gbowee survived years of war in Liberia, West Africa from 1989 to 1997 and 1999 to 2003. Over 250,000 died and millions were displaced. “Yet these people—though tied, beaten-down, and lacking in essential resources—continued to press on and work for a better future for their country,” writes Robin Pippin. Through her leadership of Women of Liberia Mass Action for Peace, Gbowee was part of a movement of resilience that helped to end the wars. Thoughts, prayers and actions were the change agents that brought improved conditions and increased hope.

We live in days that call for resilience. Our ancient forbears from the scriptures offer insight into learning the ways of resilience. Psalm 90:1-6; 13-17 is our scripture for Sunday. The poet calls out “Turn, O Lord! How long?” (Psalm 90:13). It is a call for divine compassion. As images from Gaza, Ukraine, and Israel show homes bombed to rubble, the witness of the poet remains timeless: “Lord, you have been our dwelling place in all generations” (Psalm 90:1).

How does one embrace wellness in body, mind and spirit when all three are under pressure? Many of us are physically tired as we carry grief for those impacted by war in many lands. The mind struggles to stay focused, to keep learning, to calm. The spirit moves from anger to fear to being numb; it longs for joy. Our faith teaches us that joy is at the center, holding true no matter the circumstances, unlike happiness that wavers. And yet, being honest, the joy at the center sometimes feels a long distance away. And so there is a longing in our body, mind and spirt.

This Sunday at 9a.m. and 11a.m. EST in the sanctuary, online and on demand, we’ll explore the rhythms of resilience. Together, we’ll continue to learn to navigate such a time as this. Our worship this Sunday will be soul-strengthening.

In Wellness,
Rev Dwayne

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On 29 October, the 5th Sunday of the month MCCDC like you to consider a special Overflow Gift to MCCDC Church and ministries. As we come out of summer our expenses are below our income, compounded by critical capital repairs. Click here to read a special message from the board.

Together we can address this challenge!

Pray this prayer: “God, what would you have me do?” Then simply respond in faith. Every gift of every amount will make a positive difference.

To give, visit, text GIVE to 202-999-3841 or mail your gift to MCCDC, 474 Ridge St NW, Washington DC 20001. Feel free to email questions or comments the Board at or Pastor Dwayne at Let’s make October strong!

MCCDC - The Place To Be

Older Adult Ministry

The Older Adult Ministry will be holding our quarterly meeting on 29 Oct 2023, at 12:30 PM in person, Church Chapel or join via zoom link below.

This meeting topic will be projected OAM schedule for 2024 and 10 Dec 2024 Christmas Pot luck.

· Click here to open Zoom and join automatically
· Launch Zoom and enter Meeting ID 824 9552 3942
· Dial (301) 715-8592 by phone, using the same Meeting ID

Contact Dale L. Madyun-Baskerville at

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MCCDC Leadership Opportunity

Are you looking for a new way to serve your MCCDC community? Can you envision yourself in a leadership position? Then we might have just the right opportunity for you!

The Board of Directors is looking for motivated and qualified candidates to run for two positions that will be open due to term expirations in 2023.

If you feel called and have been a member of MCCDC in good standing for the past six months, you are eligible to run. Please submit a brief resumé and letter of interest to and

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2023 Forum & Congregational Meeting

We will be holding our annual Form and Congregational Meeting at 12:30 EST on the below dates:

12 November: Forum In-Person & Zoom
19 November: Congregational Meeting In-Person & Zoom

We invite you to join other MCCDC members in electing new Board Members, recapping 2023 and planning how we’ll grow our generous home in 2024.

Here are four ways to participate:

* Attend the forum in person at 474 Ridge St NW
* Click here to open Zoom and join automatically
* Launch Zoom and enter Meeting ID 868 1921 1447
* Dial 1 301 715 8592 by phone, using the same Meeting ID

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Mary’s House Lunch and Learning Workshop

Join Mary’s House for one of their FREE workshops listed below on key topics:

• November 08- Veteran Day Observance
• November 15 – Legal Hotline Services

FREE Lunch will be provided. Please email Dr. Carla Sherrell, Your email is REQUIRED to CONFIRM your registration and your lunch.

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Pathways 2 Generosity, Prayer #82 by Clara Carter, MCCDC Prayer Supporter

by Clara Carter, MCCDC Prayer Supporter

There are two ways of spreading light: to be the candle or the mirror that reflects it.” ~ Edith Wharton

Dear God, thank you for keeping us safe and protected by your strength. Your peace reigns within us amidst the chaos here on earth. Help us continue to perform good works by the authority you invested in us. We pray to be a shining candle so that others may recognize your Light within us as if reflected through an endless flow of revolving mirrors. It is by faith and believing in your Word that miracles are performed.

We are grateful for all spiritual places, including Metropolitan Community Church of Washington, DC, where people gather to praise You with thanksgiving, and share generously of talents, financial gifts, time, and treasures. We are grateful for the opportunities to spread your love and kindness helping and praying with and for each other, worshipping You one-to-one, in churches without borders, and through various channels of the media. We are so blessed! Help us to be transformed into the spiritual likeness of you reflecting your Glory to the whole world. Praise you in your many precious names. Amen.

In the same way, your light must shine before others so that they may see your good acts and give praise to your Abba God in heaven. Matthew 5:16 (The First Egalitarian Translation)

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Stay In Touch!

MCCDC wants to stay in touch with you! Please stop by the welcome hall table to update your contact information with Celica Hayden-Smith or email updated contact information to

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Prayer Corner

Please lift the following people up during your prayer time:

Bill Campbell * Jerry Giem * Tim Helm * Rose Williams * Cecilia Hayden-Smith and Esther Smith’s health * Delores Fowler * Vernessa D. Wilson * Family of Ms. Brittany Harrell * Veronica Franklin * Rev. Dr. Robin Hawley Gorsline * Glenn Conway * Anthony Goode * Randy Punley * Marcus Garnett * Renee Valentine’s brother * Arden Shutt * Evelyn Jones * Steve Sloane * Jeffrey Luckenbach * Cathy Batson’s niece Lisa * Cynthia Melman * Kim Battle * Joshua Benkins’ father Isaac * Mike Washington * Buck Carlson * Johanna Hardy * Doris Carter Washington of Alexandria * Melvin Moore Adams* John Hylton * Summer Allen

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“Church Ministries & Events”

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Virtual Choir

Come and join the Virtual Voices of MCC Choir! Lift your voice in our virtual rehearsals while singing from the comfort of your home. For more info, email Music Minister Deidre Mouton Gray at

Spiritual Gifts, Get Involved!

Your’re invited to consider sharing your spiritual gifts by making a Scripture Reading Video or sharing a Video Testimony on what MCCDC means to you.

It does not have to be long and the AV team is standing by to help you with the video. Please email me at for more information.

Moving Spirit Dance Ministry

Come dance for God! No experience needed. Email Cathy Batson at for more information. Check out past performances on our YouTube channel, including “I Can Only Imagine” (April 2019) and “Mighty River”(February 2018).

Singing to God

Join the Virtual Voices of the MCC Choir. Lift your voice in our virtual rehearsals while singing from the comfort of your home. Email Music Minister Diedre Gray at

JOIN PRAYER FROM NOON TO 12:30 PM Monday thru Saturday

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Meeting ID: 7078722334

Intercessory Prayer Team
Meets the 2nd and 4th Thursdays each month at 7 pm
Contact LaMar Jenkins at 202-750-08887

Bible Study Tuesdays at 7:00 pm Eastern

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Pastoral Care Meeting
Meet 1st and 3rd Wednesday, each month at 6::30pm
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Writing Ministry
Meets Monthy
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