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“. . .you have to stay encouraged. Don’t get cynical. Don’t ever think you can’t make a difference.”

~ President Barrack Obama from an address to the nation, November 9, 2016

During anxious times it is important that we feel what we need to feel and say what we need to say. And, if the primary emotions are fear, sadness, or anger, it is important that we acknowledge them, yet not tarry there. MCCDC exists to bear witness to peace in the midst of turbulent division in our nation.

The MCC Statement of Faith, in the form of prayer, states: “We expect to see Your reign on earth as it is in heaven as we work toward a world where everyone has enough, wars cease, and all creation lives in harmony.” This aspiration makes it clear that now more than ever, the message of MCC is needed among the voices for healing in our world.

My vision for MCCDC is that we will help train each other up to be spiritual leaders in a world hungry for a better way. It is not easy to embody values of compassion and service in a “me first” world. It is not easy to confront fear with hope. It is not easy to see those we oppose as our siblings. Leadership is never easy. Yet each one of us is called to be a leader in our families, workplaces, social networks and neighborhoods. Each one of us can choose to make a positive difference in how we live out our faith, including what we send out on social media.

The scripture for this Sunday from Luke 21:5-19 was selected before the election. Yet is clearly offers insights to help us be courageous spiritual leaders. Jesus teaches us to live with bold confidence: “. . . for when the time comes, I will give you the words to say—wise words—which none of your adversaries will be able to answer or argue against.”

This Sunday, let us gather together at 9:00 AM and 11:00 AM, to encourage each other forward to make a positive difference in our world.

By Faith, Rev. Elder Dwayne
Rev Dwane Johnson


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CONGREGATIONAL MEETING, November 20, 2016 at 12:30


This year’s Congregational Forum will take place on November 20th at 12:30. Please mark your calendars and plan on attending to lend your voice. Please contact Knut Panknin or Rev Cathy with questions at or 202-638-7373. Pick up your pre-read packet on October 30th at the information station.

MCCDC - The Place To Be

Sexuality and Spirituality Creating New Conversations


After guiding an engaging conversation at the first Sexuality and Spirituality workshop at MCCDC in July, Rev. Robin is back with more, on Saturday, November 19, 10 a.m. – 4:00 pm.

Our context is different than the summer. Even though the election campaign had begun, who knew then we would as a nation go through such a deeply divisive season and that sexuality would become a key element of the division? And did we understand how the election would make it even more difficult for people of faith and others to engage in open, honest, and caring dialogue about matters of sexuality and spirituality?
That’s why the workshop on November 19—“Sexuality and Spirituality: Creating New Conversations”—is so important. We will explore some important theological and ethical concepts and engage in thoughtful conversation about challenging sexual topics. The goal is not to gain unanimity among all participants on various issues, but to help us learn how to go deep and stay in dialogue and communion—and contribute to healing in our nation.
Rev. Robin will provide vegetarian soup, and hopes others will sign up to bring crackers, cookies or dessert, soft drinks and juice, and tableware, too.

Please reserve your spot (limit 20) by writing Rev. Robin at and indicate what you will bring (or you can commit to contribute financially the day of the workshop).

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MCCDC electronic giving

With EasyTithe, supporting the church is as simple as clicking a mouse or whipping out your smart phone.

Our new online system allows you to make a financial donation to the church with your credit card or direct debit from your banking account.

You’ll be asked to set up your MCCDC EasyTithe Account. You can set it up to make a one-time/anytime donation or make a recurring donation.

Click here to Donate On Line

You also can give by text 202-999-3841. Please contact the church office with questions at 202-638-7373 or

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To nourish your physical body in addition to your spiritual body. Join us for yoga classes on Mondays at 7pm. The class is donation-based. If you are interested in starting or continuing please contact Rev Cathy at or 202-638-7373.~ Namaste (“The Spirit in me honors the Spirit in you”)

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MCCDC-Bible Adult

Adult Sunday School class will be out for the Thanksgiving weekend. No class is scheduled for 11/27 yet we will return to this dynamic and fun class on Sunday Dec 4th. Hope to see you there.



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MCCDC Bible Study
Please join the Tuesday Night Bible Study from 7-8pm in the Welcome Hall. A time of community, fun learning and sharing. For more information please contact Dale Madyun-Baskerville at or 202-638-7373.


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Sanctuary Decorations, Saturday, Nov 26th

Christmas candle

Holiday Bells are ringing. If you would like to participate in decorating the sanctuary and Welcome Hall for Christmas, please join us on Saturday Nov 26th from 10-3. Lunch will be provided.

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MCCDC is going live! We have an opportunity to use of our AV system to reach outside our walls to many people who may not be able to join us in person. To make this happen we must have a subscription service that will provide us the ability to stream our services, concerts and special events, and expand opportunities for participation in our bible studies and other activities remotely. The testing done so far with streaming has generated a lot of excitement, particularly by those who have been unable to visit our church.

You can be a part of making this happen in a number of ways: (1) pray for our reach beyond the walls of our church (2) join others in donating to cover the one-time annual cost of the service and associated AV training for our volunteers; and (3) consider joining the AV ministry.

Click here to Donate On Line

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Parking Lot Update


Since the new condo building is complete, MCCDC congregants and guests can now return to using the 4 parking spots that surround that building. Please contact the church office if you have questions at or 202-638-7373