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“To give thanks to God brings the ability to see the inbreaking of God’s grace even in the midst of suffering. To give thanks to God is to acknowledge the utter vastness and freeing power of that grace.”
~ Naomi Annandale

Gratitude has become trendy. A quick search offers a wide selection of gratitude APPs. Online stores offer a huge selection of books, coffee mugs, t-shirts and journals that focus on gratitude. I guess one could say gratitude sells. I question whether the marketing of gratitude also trivializes it. On the other hand, our troubled world could use as many expressions of gratitude as possible, even if it is a refrigerator magnet that says, “Too Grateful to be Hateful.”

On a deeper level, gratitude, especially expressed to God, points us beyond trivialization. Have you thanked God today? Where have you seen God’s grace today? Note it and say, “Thank you, God!” Make it a spiritual practice, at least twice a day: morning and evening.

I believe that gratitude heals. This becomes clear in Sunday’s scripture from Luke 17 which describes one of ten lepers healed by Jesus who “came back praising God in a loud voice, then fell down at the feet of Jesus and offered thanks” (v. 16-17). Gratitude is woven throughout the scriptures, including Psalm 66 where the poet praises: “Sing a joyful song to the Lord all the earth, and praise Love’s name. . .O God, how magnificent are your ways: so great is your power that fear and doubt vanish before you.”

This Sunday, we’ll reflect on the healing impact of gratitude. When’s the last time you said “Thank You, God?” Find time to say it today. And invite your friends and family to join you on Sunday at 9 AM and 11 AM as we will include time to say it, sing it, and share it together.

By Faith, Rev. Elder Dwayne
Rev Dwane Johnson


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MCCDC electronic giving
With EasyTithe, supporting the church is as simple as clicking a mouse or whipping out your smart phone. Our new online system allows you to make a financial donation to the church with your credit card or direct debit from your banking account.

Click Here to Give Online

You’ll be asked to set up your MCCDC EasyTithe Account. You can set it up to make a one-time/anytime donation or make a recurring donation.
You also can give by text 202-999-3841. Please contact the church office with questions at 202-638-7373 or

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To nourish your physical body in addition to your spiritual body. Join us for yoga classes on Mondays at 7pm. The class is donation-based. If you are interested in starting or continuing please contact Rev Cathy at or 202-638-7373.~ Namaste (“The Spirit in me honors the Spirit in you”)

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MCCDC-Bible Adult Sunday School is held from 10:15 to 10:50. Please bring your coffee or tea to the upstairs conference room for the brief yet powerful time together. For more information contact Rose Herring at or 202-638-7373.



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MCCDC Bible Study
Please join the Tuesday Night Bible Study from 7-8pm in the Welcome Hall. A time of community, fun learning and sharing. For more information please contact Dale Madyun-Baskerville at or 202-638-7373.

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Share Program Ministry of MCCDC

Couples Retreat MCCDC

Share Program Ministry of MCCDC will offer food value packages through the SHARE Food Network Program. Everyone is invited to participate. You can purchase one of these wonderful food value packages by seeing one of our Share Program Ministers-Fenicia Ballard, Mark Kornmann, and Wendy Hamilton.

The SHARE Program Ministry is also a great opportunity for high school students to receive community service credit hours. SHARE Program schedule follows:

ORDER DAYS: October 2 and 9, 2016
PAYMENT DEADLINE: October 9, 2016
ORDER PICKUP*: 10/22/2016
*Pickup is at the MCCDC Welcome Hall at 9:30 am.
For more information, please contact the church office at

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If you have questions about MCCDC and what membership is about, class will be held on October 23rd from 12:30 to 2:30 in the lower level conference room. All are welcome to attend. A light lunch will be served. PLEASE register so that we may have enough food and materials. Contact Rev Cathy at or 202-638-7373.

MCCDC - The Place To Be

Gender Neutral Restrooms Coming Soon


We are pleased to announce MCCDC will be implementing gender neutral restrooms. In early August, we will replace the “Men” and “Women” signs with signs indicating our restrooms are gender neutral. Some time ago, the Board approved moving to gender neutral restrooms for our church. The Trustees began working on implementing this decision.

They met and discussed developing new signage and the types of locks to put on the exterior doors to the main floor restrooms. As they were discussing these matters, a clear and strong consensus developed among the Trustees that we need to implement true gender neutral restrooms and simply replace the signage and not install locks on the exterior entrance doors to the restrooms on the main level. The trustees shared this approach with the Board.

Everyone should feel not only welcomed in our church, but each person should feel that they truly belong here. This decision reflects our mission. The plan is to install signage that clearly indicates our restrooms are available to everyone and will display a depiction of either two toilets or one toilet and one urinal. The signs will inform people of the types of facilities available in each particular restroom.

The two restrooms on the lower level will remain private (locking) single occupancy use for people preferring that option.
If you have questions or comments to share about this change, please share them with the trustees know at or feel free to visit with them when you see them at church.
“I hope that everybody gets a chance to be who and what they are. I just know if I have to pee, I don’t care where it’s going to be.” — Dolly Parton, in the Advocate, June 6, 2016.