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“At that moment, almost of their own accord, my legs gave way and I fell to my knees. In the privacy of my room I begged for help. I had no notion who I thought I was talking to. I just knew that I had come to the end of my tether. I had nothing left to fight with. Then I remembered what I had heard about surrender, something I thought I could never do, my pride just wouldn’t allow it, but I knew that on my own I wasn’t going to make it, so I asked for help, and getting down on my knees, I surrendered.”

~ Erick Clapton; Clapton: The Autobiography

Eric Clapton went from the heights of musical stardom to rock bottom despair. Addiction destroyed his marriage. It stymied his career. He had thoughts of suicide. He came to a place where he knew he had to do whatever it would take. So, on his knees he asked God for help. His healing started, and even when his toddler son Conor fell to his death from the 53rd floor of a Manhattan apartment building, addiction no longer controlled Clapton. Rather, Clapton faced his grief and wrote the Grammy award winning song “Tears in Heaven,” in memory of Conor.

There are times in most lives when the moment comes to do whatever it takes. Maybe it is taking a career risk. Or taking a chance on love. Or, like Clapton, praying the one word prayer: “Help.” We find Zacchaeus at such a moment in Luke 19: 1-10. He is wealthy but miserable, earning his riches through cheating people on tax collections. Jesus is passing through Zacchaeus’s hometown of Jericho. Zacchaeus wants to see Jesus, but he can’t because the crowd blocks his view. Determined, Zacchaeus decides to do whatever it takes to see Jesus. It becomes a liberating choice.

In the message this Sunday at 9:00 AM and 11:00 AM, we’ll look at the intersections of determination, surrender, human need and the liberating power of Jesus.

By Faith, Rev. Elder Dwayne
Rev Dwane Johnson


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MCC Eastern Network Gathering, October 29th, 8:30 AM to 4:00 PM


MCC Eastern Network Gathering will take place on October 29th at MCC Rehoboth, Rehoboth DE from 8:30 AM to 4:00 PM.
All are welcome. For more information visit our FB page at MCCEasternNetwork. This Gathering will have workshops on HIV/AIDS, Race, Racism and Racial Reconciliation as well as roundtables for BoD, Lay Delegates and Ministry Members/Leaders. If you would like more information, please contact Rev Cathy at or 202-638-7373.

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TRAFFIC ADVISORY: Marine Corps Marathon


(Washington, DC) – The Metropolitan Police Department and US Park Police wish to advise the public and members of the media of the street closures in conjunction with the Marine Corps Marathon on Sunday, October 30, 2016.


The race begins at 8:00 am in Arlington, Virginia, and then crosses the Potomac River into the District of Columbia. The following streets along the race route will be closed at approximately 5:00 am and will reopen at approximately 1:00 pm:

MCCDC Roadclosure

Francis Scott Key Bridge
Canal Road, NW – from M Street, NW to Reservoir Road, NW (Local Traffic Only up to 44th & Foxhall Rd, NW)
Reservoir Road, NW –from MacArthur Boulevard, NW to Canal Road, NW (Local Traffic Only up to 44th & Foxhall Rd, NW)
MacArthur Boulevard, NW –from Foxhall Road, NW to Reservoir Road, NW (Local Traffic Only up to 44th & Foxhall Rd, NW)
Foxhall Road, NW – from Canal Road, NW to MacArthur Boulevard, NW (Local Traffic Only up to 44th & Foxhall Rd, NW)
M Street, NW – from Canal Road, NW to Wisconsin Avenue, NW
Wisconsin Avenue, NW – from M Street, NW to K Street, NW
K Street, NW – from Wisconsin Avenue, NW to Rock Creek and Potomac Parkway
Rock Creek and Potomac Parkway, NW – from K Street, NW to Independence Avenue, SW
Memorial Bridge
West Potomac Park
East Potomac Park (access to Golf Course and Tennis Courts available)
Maine Avenue, SW – from East Basin Drive, SW to Independence Avenue, SW
Independence Avenue, SW – from Maine Avenue, SW to Ohio Drive, SW
Ohio Drive, SW –between independence Avenue, SW and Lincoln Circle, SW
Lincoln Circle, SW – from Ohio Drive, SW to Henry Bacon Drive, NW
23rd Street, NW –from Lincoln Circle, NW to Constitution Avenue, NW
Constitution Avenue, NW – from Bacon Drive, NW to 15th Street, NW
15th Street – from Constitution Avenue, NW to Independence Avenue, SW
17th Street – from Constitution Avenue, NW to Independence Avenue, SW
Madison Drive, NW – from 15th Street, NW to 3rd Street, NW 3rd Street, NW – from Pennsylvania Avenue, NW to Independence, SW
Pennsylvania Avenue, NW – from 3rd Street, NW to East Capitol Circle, NW
1st Street – Pennsylvania Avenue, NW to Maryland Avenue, SW
Maryland Avenue, SW – from South Capitol Circle, SW to 3rd Street, SW
Jefferson Drive, SW – from 3rd Street, SW to 15th Street, SW
14th Street, SW – from Jefferson Drive, SW to Northbound HOV lanes
HOV lanes – from 14th Street, SW to HOV ramp at South Eads Street, NW

**Westbound M Street will remain open up to Wisconsin Avenue, NW. Motorists will be forced to turn north on Wisconsin Avenue, NW from M Street, NW or east from Wisconsin Avenue, NW to M Street, NW. Westbound M Street, NW will remain open unless otherwise determined.

A course map as well as additional information regarding street closures in Arlington County is posted at Click Here For more informationthe official race website.

Due large crowds associated with this event, motorists are encouraged to exercise extreme caution when traveling in these areas. Police will reopen the roadways as soon as possible, provided doing so does not interfere with the race. Metrorail services are limited. Please check times on for Sunday, October 30, 2016. Due to traffic delays, race participants and spectators are highly encouraged to use public transportation.

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MCCDC electronic giving
With EasyTithe, supporting the church is as simple as clicking a mouse or whipping out your smart phone. Our new online system allows you to make a financial donation to the church with your credit card or direct debit from your banking account.

Click Here to Give Online

You’ll be asked to set up your MCCDC EasyTithe Account. You can set it up to make a one-time/anytime donation or make a recurring donation.
You also can give by text 202-999-3841. Please contact the church office with questions at 202-638-7373 or

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To nourish your physical body in addition to your spiritual body. Join us for yoga classes on Mondays at 7pm. The class is donation-based. If you are interested in starting or continuing please contact Rev Cathy at or 202-638-7373.~ Namaste (“The Spirit in me honors the Spirit in you”)

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MCCDC-Bible Adult Sunday School is held from 10:15 to 10:50. Please bring your coffee or tea to the upstairs conference room for the brief yet powerful time together. For more information contact Rose Herring at or 202-638-7373.



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MCCDC Bible Study
Please join the Tuesday Night Bible Study from 7-8pm in the Welcome Hall. A time of community, fun learning and sharing. For more information please contact Dale Madyun-Baskerville at or 202-638-7373.

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“Discovering God’s Future for Your Church” Conference and Live Stream, Saturday, November 5, 10 a.m.-1 p.m.

Saturday, November 5, 10 a.m.-1 p.m.
What next faithful step is God calling your church to take? It is vital to know God’s direction — or vision — for your congregation.

At Discovering God’s Future for your Church, you will learn how to discern this vision — a step-by-step process for considering the strengths, challenges, and people that God has given you both in your church and in your community. This process can reveal what God is calling your congregation to be and to do.
And you will learn how to make this vision come alive in your church to be faithful and fruitful to God’s will. Attendees may participate in person at Wesley Theological Seminary or via live stream from their own computer or mobile device across the globe. Discovering God’s Future for Your Church is ecumenical and designed for both laity and clergy.

Click Here for more Information

Please contact Rev Cathy if you are interested in attending. or 202-638-7373.

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This year’s Congregational Forum will take place on November 6th at 12:30. The Congregational meeting will take place on November 20th at 12:30. Please mark your calendars and plan on attending to lend your voice. Please contact Knut Panknin or Rev Cathy with questions at or 202-638-7373.

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Sexuality and Spirituality Creating New Conversations

Rev. Dr Robin Gorsline

After guiding an engaging conversation at the first Sexuality and Spirituality workshop at MCCDC in July, Rev. Robin is back with more, on Saturday, November 19, 10 a.m. – 4:00 pm.

Our context is different than the summer. Even though the election campaign had begun, who knew then we would as a nation go through such a deeply divisive season and that sexuality would become a key element of the division? And did we understand how the election would make it even more difficult for people of faith and others to engage in open, honest, and caring dialogue about matters of sexuality and spirituality?
That’s why the workshop on November 19—“Sexuality and Spirituality: Creating New Conversations”—is so important. We will explore some important theological and ethical concepts and engage in thoughtful conversation about challenging sexual topics. The goal is not to gain unanimity among all participants on various issues, but to help us learn how to go deep and stay in dialogue and communion—and contribute to healing in our nation.
Rev. Robin will provide vegetarian soup, and hopes others will sign up to bring crackers, cookies or dessert, soft drinks and juice, and tableware, too.

Please reserve your spot (limit 20) by writing Rev. Robin at and indicate what you will bring (or you can commit to contribute financially the day of the workshop).

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Gender Neutral Restrooms: An Update from the Trustees


Based on feedback from the congregation after the notice about moving to gender neutral restrooms, it was determined that we need to install a door to the urinal stall in the current “men’s room” on the main floor. We have ordered the stall which will be installed once it arrived. We will be moving forward with the new signage and completing this project. We apologize for the delay and thank you for your continued patience.