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Planting Seeds


A number of weeks ago, Senior Pastor Rev. J. Dwayne Johnson spoke to us about planting seeds. “Sometimes seeds that are planted never grow. Other times the seeds expand into outcomes we can celebrate.”

At MCCDC, this past year has been a year of planting seeds and watching things grow. Twelve months ago, we started planting the seeds for a new Minister of Worship Arts. Four months ago, we announced the hiring of Michael Fisher Jr. Michael has joined the MCCDC staff and has started planting new seeds for his vision around the Music Ministry.

We also started over a year ago visioning how MCCDC can expand it’s AV ministry to folks who are vacationing, shut-in, or just curious to see what’s happening at MCCDC. Keith Wilson and Michael Peart have been leading an effort to upgrade our AV capabilities and AV Ministry. Keith and Michael met with ministry leaders, music leaders, and the MCCDC soundboard team to talk about the vision for this ministry and also to identify needs to take us into the next 10 years and beyond.

They identified five key points:

  • Explore and initiate video streaming and recording that is readily accessible for web distribution and that augments MCCDC’s services and it’s mission to extend beyond the physical walls and into the community.
  • Expand the reach of the current audio system into other areas of the facility to include lower level classrooms, chapel and office areas upstairs.
  • Replace outdated equipment. The last upgrade/overhaul of the soundboard system was done by Leon Hampton over 12 years ago. Take advantage newer technologies and standards.
  • Simply sound recording and have it readily accessible for web distribution and other platforms.
  • Develop a revenue stream(s) by providing conference services and support within the larger MCCDC family, outside organizations and local community events.


Recently I’ve heard a number of folks say that MCCDC is one of the best kept secrets in DC. Indeed, I stopped by to say “hi” to a community group that rented our Sanctuary for a seminar. I met one who said, “Wow. This is a beautiful place. I didn’t know you were here.”

The expansion of our AV ministry and capabilities will help us to expand our Welcome Mat, especially through Live Video Streaming of our worship services. This opportunity is one way to ensure that MCCDC is not a secret to our community. Rather, we are the place to be.

The MCCDC Board of Directors approved the AV plan and a vendor to complete the work. The overall cost is $95,500 and will take three months to complete. We would like to start the project in January 2015. To date the Board of Directors has committed $32,000 and we have raised $24,000 to date. As we launch this campaign, we have $56,000. We need about $40,000 to make our goal.

We need your help to make this seed grow and come to fruition. To move this project forward, we are asking that you consider joining the AV Ministry Project by increasing your normal giving to MCCDC as a year-end gift or as a 2015 gift to the AV MINISTRY PROJECT. This will help us finalize this project and grow our outreach to folks in and outside the DC/MD/VA region.

You can give online at and select AV Ministry. You can also send a check to MCCDC AV Project, 474 Ridge Street NW, Washington, DC 20001. Please make the check payable to MCCDC AV. We thank you in advance for helping us make a difference.


MCCDC Board of Directors
MCCDC Trustees
Keith Wilson and Michael Peart