Ministry Listings

Board of Directors

The Board of Directors are responsible for providing the church with a set of Bylaws, which are subject to approval by Congregational Meeting and the MCC Office responsible for Bylaw changes. The Board of Directors also have charge of all matters pertaining to the docu-ments of legal organization and incorporation, risk management, and physical and financial affairs of the church. The Board of Directors is also responsible for collecting and disbursing funds, keeping adequate church records, and making timely reports to the Congregation and MCC.

Children’s Ministry

The MCCDC Children’s Ministry provides Children’s Church and Youth Activities for children age 2-12 years old. Children’s Church is held every Sunday morning at 11:15 AM. Children’s Church is a time for the children of the church to learn the same spiritual lesson as their parents and guardians in a child friendly way. The Children’s Ministry also coordinates other youth activities, such as Youth Sunday and the annual Easter Egg Hunt. The mission of the Children’s Ministry is to instill spiritual growth in the children of MCCDC through fun activities and service to the church and community. The Children’s Ministry pro-vides a fun and safe space for children to learn about spiritual values, while valuing each child’s unique talents and abilities.

Choirs (Worship Arts Ministry)

The choirs of our Music Ministry are a regular feature in Sunday worship and special concerts throughout the year. MCCDC choirs and ensembles have performed at community and citywide events through-out the metropolitan area, at Pride Events and LGBT justice meetings. Our choirs rehearse on Thursday evenings. We welcome all voice parts and all vocal abilities.

Communications Ministry Team

 The Communications Ministry Team extends the ministries of the church beyond the church walls by maintaining, producing and administering our Website, Facebook page, Eblast and other forms of communication.

Communion Serves and Holders

For those comfortable with praying out loud with others and adding to others worship experience, this may be the ministry for you.  In addition, praying with others is an incredible way to enhance your own worship experience.

Creating a Life that Matters

This intensive 18 week course engages the participants to learn, live and experience God, Self and their passions at a deeper level. The commitment of time and energy will reap lifelong spiritual benefits.

Dance Ministry (Worship Arts Ministry)

The Dance Ministry exemplifies MCCDC’s commitment to worship excellence by offering a diversity of worship experiences. The team’s diversity of experience and training is not only a testament to their abilities; it is the source of their inspiration (as a ministry and for the congregation). Their liturgical dance adds a fascinating layer to worship that allows us to give God our praise through creative ways. This ministry is always looking for more dancers to join them in praise.

Deaf Ministry

Our deaf ministry focuses on spiritual learning, understanding, social connections, and communication for the deaf.  In addition this ministry sponsors periodic ASL classes and church wide social gatherings. The 9 am worship service has ASL interpreters provided.

Eclectic Praise (Worship Arts ministry)

Eclectic Praise is a different kind of band that ministers monthly for morning worship, and at special events and concerts. This ministry includes musicians and singers who strive to share their gifts in the form of music as an act of praise and worship to God and to help facilitate the praise and worship of others through music. Eclectic Praise strives to support and encourage one an-other in developing and expanding each person’s musical abili-ties and spiritual growth through the ministry of music. We aim to reinforce and strengthen a supportive environment for growth both musically and spiritually.

Finance Committee

The Finance Committee assists the Board of Directors in developing the annual church budget for approval by the Congregational Meeting.

Hospitality Ministry

Understanding that God’s hospitality extends welcome to the entire community, the Hospitality Ministry provides arms and feet to that welcome. The ministry is responsible for coordinating food and welcome during the social time after services and other special church events.

Information Station

The volunteers at the information station coordinate the sharing of information about ministry activities, events and directions. They extend the hospitality of welcome to everyone who has questions require assistance.

Lay Delegates

The MCCDC Lay Delegates are elected for connection. As stated in MCCDC Bylaws Article X, the church shall elect one (1) lay person for every one hundred (100) Members in good standing, or part thereof, to serve as Lay Delegate. The Lay Delegate shall be a Member in good standing of this church. Delegates are elected at the next regular Congregational Meeting following each General Conference with a majority of votes cast. Their duties are to represent the congregation at General and Network Gatherings Conferences, and to communicate with the congregation regarding MCC concerns and policies.

Nominations Committee

The Nominations Committee is created by the Board of Directors to recruit qualified candidates for the Board of Directors and Lay Delegates. The Committee presents a slate of candidates to the Board for approval and is then presented at the Congregational Meeting.

Older Adults Ministry

This ministry is dedicated to exploring how we continue to find meaning and purpose in life by staying connected with ourselves, others, and the larger world AS OLDER ADULTS. As we engage in the spiritual journey, we will find ways to sup-port experiences and programs that help take spirituality into these programs. We currently provide this means of explora-tion through social, educational, health and wellness activi-ties. This ministry also works to bring these gifts of aging and our connections to our own moments of spiritual insights to the entire worship community. The ministry meets the first Sunday of the month after the 11:00 am service.

Pastoral Care

Our Pastoral Care Ministers offer support and prayer to and for the congregational body. They make home and hospital visitations as needed, and they serve as conduits for open lines of communication and dialog with congregants. MCCDC’s Pastoral Care Ministry also seeks to empower the community as they travel along their spiritual journeys, be that by telephone, text messages, emails, and/or other means. In engaging the larger community, Pastoral Care Ministers serve as a referral ministry to outside professional and communitybased service organizations for counseling, financial services, and any other services that are not currently being performed by other MCCDC ministries.

Pride Outreach Ministry

The Pride Outreach Ministry is changing lives by sharing its message of God’s inclusive love for all people. Our mission is to increase the visibility of faith-based organizations in the LGBTQIA community and DC Pride activities: Youth Pride Day, TransPride, Black Pride, Latino/a Pride, and Capital Pride. We want to reach people who have not heard of MCC before, who are hungry and thirsty for a place of worship that is inclusive, loving and accepting each individual as they are – beautifully made in God’s image, deserving of love and respect.

Scripture Readers  

Public speaking is not for everyone, but for those who are either not intimidated by it, or are willing to step of their comfort zone and participate in a fulfilling way in the service, presenting the Word during services is an incredible spiritual experience.  The scripture reading team provides training and support for this ministry.

SHARE Program

MCCDC is one of the area’s largest participants in the SHARE (Self Help And Resource Exchange) program. The program helps to de-fray “top-dollar” grocery food items, for a fraction of the price of commercial grocery stores. We literally are feeding the City. Coordinated by our Pastoral Care Ministers, we offer ANYONE (regardless of their relationship status with the church or income level) to participate in the program by pre-ordering various packages of grocer-ies (varied by contents and amount) for our once-a-month distribution. All orders are placed with the strictest of confidentiality. We always order excess packages and distribute them (free of charge) to various homes in the neighborhood, letting the Holy Spirit guide us to the families we target.

Soundboard/AV Ministry

The Soundboard/AV Ministry serves by enhancing sound during worship services and other occasions. With a new AV system, the ministry is expanding to including video support and increased interface through the website and social media.

Trustees of the Buchanan Memorial Building Fund

The Trustees of the Buchanan Memorial Building Fund are responsible for matters pertaining to the maintenance and subject to approval of a Congregational Meeting, the acquisition and disposal of church real property. Trustees shall keep adequate records and make timely reports to the Board of Directors and the Congregation. Trustees serve for 2-year staggered terms and are appointed by the Board of Directors.

Tuesday Night Bible Study

The Tuesday Night Bible meets year round to see what tough questions scripture poses to us as people on a faith journey. The work extends beyond only the Old and New Testaments and has examined such non-traditional texts as “40 Day Journey with Maya Angelou” and movies like The “Book of Eli”. The curriculum is de-signed so that you may participate as you are able. The group is lead by a very diverse team of facilitators (Laity and Clergy) with various approaches to Christian education.

UNID@S – Spanish Speaking Ministry

MCCDC Unid@s is an outreach ministry to the LGBT Hispanic/Latino community. Unid@s engages in activities that nourish those who already participate in this ministry and reach out to those LGBT Hispanic/Latino people within and outside MCCDC’s walls. MCCDC Unid@s holds services in Spanish on the first Sunday of each month as well as periodic prayer groups on Sundays at 12:30 pm. We also have a Unid@s Face-book group, and youdo not need to speak Spanish to join this ministry.

MCCDC Unid@s es un ministerio para la comunidad Hispana/Latina LGBT. Unid@s participa en actividades que fortalezen a las personas que estan participando en el ministerio y alcanza a aquellas personas Hispanas/Latinas LGBT en nuestra comunidad y afuera de la iglesia de MCCDC. MCCDC Unid@s organiza servicios religiosos o misas en español el primer domingo de cada mes a las 6pm, tambien grupos de oraciones esporadicas los domingos a las 12:30pm. Tambien los invitamos ha hacer parte de el grupo de Unid@s en Face Book, y no es req-uisito que usted hable español para ser participante de el ministerio.

Young Adults Ministry

This is a ministry for the young people that attend MCCDC to come together and grow. We create space where we can grow closer to God, closer to each other and in self-awareness. Our lives are our ministry, and we seek to create a community that recognizes and nurtures the Divine in all of us and all we do. We seek to strengthen our connections to the young LGBT community growing outward, channeling our spirituality into service and empowering our community to do more together. We have monthly meetings and brunch at a local restaurant rant where we get to know one another better and talk about upcoming events and plans. Before brunch we meet in the church fellowship hall after the 11:00am worship service. For most events and activities, un-less they are after worship service, we send out emails to our members as well as post the event on Facebook where we plan to meet. If you attend MCCDC and are age 18 to 40 and would like to join the Young Adult Ministry you can find us on Facebook.


The ushers are our literal hands of God, in our worship services and special events. Ushering is among the oldest lay ministries in the organized Christian church. They are our am-bassadors of hospitality as first impressions are so very im-portant. Our service is making members, visitors, and guests feel welcome and comfortable during our worship SERVICES and programs. We are friendly people who welcome all, and our faith enables us to see Christ’s presence in all.

VAT-Volunteer Action Team

VAT engages in offering volunteer support both inside and outside of the church, providing support for other ministries, partnering with outside organizations, or providing volunteers for other events and activities.

Women’s Ministry

The ministry is designed to bring together those who identify as women to provide spiritual support, instruction, (and) an examination of multiple forms of spirituality, spiritual practices. We also come together to form community in women’s space. We currently meet quarterly.


For more information regarding any of the ministries contact Rev. Cathy Alexander at