We’ve looked at courage and fear from a Biblical perspective.  We’ve discussed ethical relationships and courageous conversations. We have examined Social Justice and it’s Biblical roots.  Perhaps it is true that people are not completely healed until they are helping others.  This segment of the Altar Within (unconditional access to God, enjoying the presence of God), examined the Courage to move out in Faith and Truth on major issues that are hurting people and diminishing their minds, spirits, and bodies, especially those that are marginalized by society.  This study  helped us act courageously in our relationships, in our conversations, and in our community and en-courage others to do the same.

 This was the final segment of the Altar Within.




What is fear

 Ethical Relationships- No Handout; based on book by Paul R. Abrmson “Sex Appeal – Six Ethical Principles for the 21st Century”

 Holy_Conversations– Social Justice part 1

Justice_and_Social_Responsibility_Questionnaire– Social Justice part 2

The Altar Within Summary