Pastor’s Welcome

Welcome to a Faith Community  . . .

That Can Change Your Life!

Welcome to a determined church that is seeking to overcome all obstacles to discover a renewed vision. Though we have a storied and colorful past, today we are about renewed growth, renewed programs, and renewed opportunities.  Today, we are called to engage individuals and groups in opportunities that hold meaning. Meaningful opportunities run the gamut from vibrant worship, to community service, to Bible studies, to fun and fitness…and much more.

I invite you to explore all that we are:  the Metropolitan Community Church of Washington, DC (MCCDC) and to find opportunities that appeal to where you are in your life today. If you try one opportunity and it is not quite what you were expecting, return to us (virtually here on the web or physically at our ministry center) and find something else to try. Our programs and opportunities will continually be changing and expanding. As I mentioned, we have a storied past.

Chartered in 1971, we were one of the first congregations to expand from MCC’s first church in Los Angeles.  We are actually the oldest LGBT community organization in DC.  From the beginning, our founders instilled in us the values of health, wholeness and community, and we are deeply grateful to all those who have gone before us. We seek to build on their legacy by embracing radical inclusion, resisting intolerance, and expanding hearts and minds through openness, relationships, and love.

Our work has not gone unnoticed. On March 5, 2011 MCCDC was recognized by the Mautner Project with the Healing Works Award. The award is presented to those whose deeds — cultural, political, spiritual, medical — contribute to healing and maintaining the health of our community and the individuals who comprise it.

MCCDC was especially honored for our work with HIV/AIDS awareness, support of three food programs, support for the annual Transgendered Day of Remembrance, and providing a venue for those facing addiction. Throughout 2011 and 2012, we are celebrating 40 years of ministry. Our theme is “Fabulous and Faithful at 40!” We are celebrating in a variety of ways.  Since our mission has always included service, on the first Sunday of each month we’ve set a goal to collect forty bags of food to give to Food & Friends for distribution to those living with long term illness.

I believe our best days always lie ahead and that together we can grow in ways we are just beginning to imagine. I hope you’ll be a part of it!





Rev. Dwayne Johnson

Senior Pastor