Holmes Manifesto

I am Rev. Candy Holmes and I live in Prince Georges County, Maryland. I am a proud African American Marylander who is Lesbian, who longs for the day when the freedom to marry is afforded to all Marylanders, including those in gay and lesbian committed relationships, who have the same hope – to live as equal citizens, with relationships legally acknowledged and respected in Maryland. I have lived in the state of Maryland for nearly 35 years. I have a loving family and am a tax-paying citizen. It has not been easy living in a state that does not acknowledge me as an equal person, but a second-class citizen. I have had and still have the ongoing concern that because of who I am and whom I love, my family is not able to be legally protected, and is vulnerable in ways others will never have to worry about. Passage of the Civil Marriage Protection Act would make a fundamental and positive difference in my life, the life of my family and the lives of many loving lesbian and gay couples.

Marriage equality isn’t a gay thing. It’s a family thing. It is about the fundamental values that all who desire to marry should be afforded the freedom to do so without exception; that all couples, including same-sex couples deserve the joy, happiness and ‘completeness’ that comes with a civil marriage. I am hopeful that needed change will come and the light of full equality will shine on us all. Now is the acceptable time to bring down the walls of oppression that divide us and hurt many Marylanders who are in loving same-sex relationships. Now is the time to protect all of Maryland citizens and their families, including those in same-sex relationships. Now is the time to set the record so that every committed same-sex couple who desires to marry can.  Now is the time to do justice, for justice is really aligning the law to catch up with
what really matters — LOVE.

Rev. Candy Holmes

Click HERE to read the Senate testimony from her wife, Rev. Elder Darlene Garner.

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