Prayer Concerns

Prayer Concerns for August 2013

We invite you to join us in a period of intentional prayer for:


  • We pray for Amiee McCaffrey who is expecting positive news soon and we unite our hearts in prayer for her that God will bless her with very positive and wonderful news, strengthen her O Lord. 
  • We pray for Tanya Hartman, for God’s miraculous healing power, strength, and protection for her and her family. 
  • We pray for Mark Kelly’s mother, Margaret Miller, that God will provide here healing and strength.
  • We pray for Glen Conrad’s health that God will give him strength and provide the right health care workers for him
  • We pray for Kim Battle’s health and Wallace Corbett that God will provide them strength and healing, as well as protection, wrapping them in love 
  • We pray for Dan that he may be strengthened and healed completely by God’s gracious power and love
  • We pray for Dan Ezell’s brother-in-law recently diagnosed with leukemia that God will give him wisdom and strength for the healing process
  • We pray for David Smith, for God to comfort him with a loving presence
  • We pray for Cecelia Hayden-Smith’s Niece who has a brain tumor for God to provide healing, strength, and wisdom
  • We pray for David Harrell who had  neck surgery for God to rapidly heal him and provide him strength
  • We pray for Rev. Vilma Torres for God to give her strength and comfort
  • We pray for Lis Codario during her struggles that God will provide her strength, guidance and a loving presence to help her
  • We pray for Virginia Mitchell’s son that God will heal and work mightily in his life with love, compassion, and blessings. 
  • We pray for Gwen Inman that God will heal her completely and rapidly, and comfort, strength, and peace for her and for Colette during this time. 
  • We pray for Rev. Harry, that God will provide healing, comfort and peace him, and that God will provide special blessings on and energy for Rev. Harry. 
  • We pray for a member who need financial assistance that God will provide for their needs and encourage their hearts.
  • We pray for members seeking jobs that God will provide wisdom and understanding as well as peace and comfort in the journey
  • We pray for those dealing with animosity at work or unhealthy work environments that God will provide clarity and protection
  • We pray for those who are afflicted with thoughts of suicide that God will reveal to them that they are deeply loved and their presence has a powerful positive effect on us


  • We pray for all those living with HIV/AIDS, Cancer, and diseases of all kinds. We praise God that there are no strangers, no outcast, and no orphans to God.  All are known and loved.
  • We pray for those struggling with addictions that God’s miraculous power may be felt and known to them to give them strength and a vision to a new life free of things that hinder; and also for those that love them that they will be given rest and wisdom to help and wisdom on when to be patient as God works in their lives


  • We pray for LGBT people in Uganda that God will work mightily to protect them and to work in the lives of Ugandan leaders leaders to remind them of God’s compassion, and sweep the nation with a spirit of tolerance and acceptance
  • We continue to pray for the lives that were impacted by natural disasters in the northeast U.S. that they are able to recover and rebuild.  Let’s not forget those who are living in fear and turmoil.


  • We praise God for giving access to everyone, providing presence to calm us, and reminding us that we matter to God a great deal, and most of all that we are loved. 
  • We praise God for a love that helps us set aside the distractions, disarms those who oppose us, and energizes us with the knowledge of resurrection. 
  • We praise God for hearing our petition for Marriage Equality in Maryland, and smiled upon us with powerful, life-changing supernatural grace.
  • We praise God for the grace to LET GO of our fantasy of healing, to LET GOD move in our lives to work in God’s ways, and LET ME be open to the ways God would use me to heal me and others.