Elements of Faith


We have just finished the segment called “FAITH” that are the elements of the Altar Within.

We  studied the element of Prayer and specifically how to use the Lord’s Prayer, John Chapter 17, or the Psalms  as tools for timeless connections to God.

 We also looked at  the element of Soul Power, the essence of you and especially how to empower and enrich your soul through God’s restoration, helping others, and “knitting our souls together” to energize our souls. 

Next we tackled the element of the Holy Spirit, what it is and how it works to help us connect through the Altar within.

We focused on the issue of Divine Guidance and how God leads us through confirming witnesses of the Word, Spirit, circumstances, and others. 

We finished up with a study on Acts of Faith and what faith means to you.



Soul Power 17 April

praying the psalms

Holy Spirit Handout 1 May 2012

Divine Guidance 8 May Handout

Faith Handout 15 May 2012

Holy Spirit Quick Reference Guide